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About the Destil·lerie

The family Huguet established the very first distillery in Andorra in the year 1937 with the name Destil.leries Andorra A. Huguet i Fills. Their first products were Pastis Huguet, Absinthe Huguet and the anise liquor L’Andorrana, all based on the old recipes of the family and the traditions in the Pyrenees.

Later the family started with the production of other liquors. Especially the fruit liquors are very popular – “xupitos” in the Catalan language - and savoured after a meal.

In 2009 the Destil·leries Andorra was passed on to a younger generation. With passion and competent staff we continue with caring handcraft the tradition of our Destil·leries Andorra.

Absinthe Huguet


A long time forbidden but authorised again…

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Pastis Huguet


Our French guests love it…

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The Pyrenees and sheer history…

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